Nestled amongst exotic tropical surrounding and beautifully manicured lowland tea estates on the fringes of the remote of Kalawana, is the luxurious resort Boulder Garden.

Boulder Garden offers guests the ultimate in accommodation with opulently appointed guestrooms furnished in traditional style.

10 suites arranged in 4 rising tiers, linked by winding stone steps and deep corridors give a medieval ambience of rock walls, grilled windows massive timber beams and mirror-polished cement floors.


The 10 suites, consisting 2 natural caves and a 1 split level Family room and other 7 suites with twin bedded and double bedded suites have private Balconies and terraces from which the magnificent evergreen patch can be viewed. Guests to Boulder Garden can indulge in a range of food and beverage services with their open-air restaurant and natural caved bar offering international and typical Sri Lankan cuisine. Boulder Garden Also features facilities for conventions and meeting.

Boulder Garden provides a sanctuary of serenity and beauty for the utmost in relaxation for their guests. With the grand opening of the Boulder Garden in 2003 will have an active program of environmental management and participating in "Sabaragamuwa" culture pursuits.

All suite boutique hotel, Boulder Garden is set against the lofty mountains and fertile rice and tea terraces at Kalawana in south west region of Sri Lanka.

Whilst standing still gigantically, it evinces the understated unique features which may probably allure to indulge in rock sheltered Restaurant, nature created structure in rooms are some of the unparalleled distinctive features at Boulder Garden.

This can best be described as a secluded hideaway in which to enjoy the beauties of nature along with superior levels of comfort and service at this region of Sri Lanka.

" A luxury ever green hotel, Boulder Garden is quiet oasis of tranquility ad privacy in the midst of KALAWANA"

Full service concierge desk located in Reception.Concierge offers hotel and general information and can make arrangement for sightseeing, dining and entertainment activities.

In- house facility offering same day cleaning and pressing service, seven days a week.
SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES. Available at the front desk with no extra charge.

BOULDER GARDEN can best be described as a secluded Hideaway in which to enjoy the beauties of nature along with superior levels of comfort and service at this region of Sri Lanka.

Transportation can be arranged for our customers from Colombo Airport or any other main cities on the area.

Dining at Boulder Garden provides another high point where the tastes and cuisine of Typical Sri Lankan international favorites awaits guests in Open- airy, Main restaurant rest under a canopy of tropical forest rock and is linked by shaded and rocky paths to rooms.

You can minimize your impact on the environment by...

Plastic bags are real curse in Sri Lanka, so it helps a little if you decline plastic bags while shopping. You will go through many plastic bottles of drinking water try to dispose of them responsibly.

Giving money, sweets, pens etc to children encourages begging. A donation to a recognized project-a health centre of school - is more constructive.

Colombo Tourist Board 01 2437 571 , 80 Galle Road, Kullupitiya, Colombo. Open time: 9am - 4:45 pm Mon - Fri, 9am - 12:30 pm Saturday.


Dozens of nationalities, including Australia, New Zealanders, North Americans and virtually all Europeans, receive a tourist visa upon entry valid for 30 days. It is sometimes possible to obtain a visa for longer than 30 days in your home country. More information at

Money currency.

Sri Lanka money currency is the rupee (Rs) divided in to 100 cents. There are coins in denominations of 10, 25, 50 and one, 5, 10 coins. Notes in denomination of 10, 20 , 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 rupees.

Any bank or exchange bureau will change major currencies in cash, including US dollars, euros and pound sterling. Money exchangers can be found in Colombo and main cities.
Major banks can change traveler checks such as American Express, Thomas Cook and Visa.
ATMs commercial Bank has a wide net work of ATMs accepting international Visa, MasterCard and Cirrus/Maestro cards.
The National language is Tamil and Sinhala but most of the Sri Lankan people speak very good English.

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